Data Centre Management

Data centre management is a complex undertaking, with a vast network of dependencies at both the hardware and software levels. Balancing this ecosystem within the constraints of the existing facility, while also planning and executing on future growth, comprises the bulk of our work in data centre management.

Our hands-on approach to data centre management makes us directly responsible for defining technology requirements, implementing security measures, evaluation of all infrastructure systems, technical writing, managing technicians, working with vendors, and ensuring all operations are in compliance with industry standards.

Our experience in data centre management is extensive, spanning several decades and traversing industries from tech to finance, in both public and private sectors. 

Data Centre Management Includes:

  • Data centre operation and ongoing maintenance
  • Service-level agreements
  • Vendor evaluation, RFP writing, contracts and oversight
  • Data centre infrastructure management
  • Planning and execution for data centre expansion
  • Business service management for the data centre