Data Centre Design

Data centre design encompasses the modelling and planning of a data centre’s architecture, IT resources, and complete infrastructure. This process facilitates the conceptualization of a finished data centre before an organization proceeds with its creation – and serves the purpose of satisfying budgetary and permitting requirements.

Our role is to collaborate with vendors and architects to look at next generation data centre design, to include modular design, and to present business plans to executives.

Our focus is on next generation data centre design and implementation. This includes defining technology standards, managing and setting priorities, and ownership of all connectivity, security, telecom, Wifi, electrical requirements, and infrastructure involved in the data centre design and implementation.

Data Centre Design Includes:

  • Collaboration with vendors and architects
  • Presentations to executives
  • Managing and setting priorities
  • Defining technology standards
  • Ownership of all technical factors relating to the successful design and implementation of the data centre